Do you have British ancestry and wish to find out more about your family’s past?

   Ever wondered whether the stories that your family are related to some famous person, great landowner or a convict were true? Always wanted to learn about your families past but never had the time or expertise to do so? Or, alternatively would you like to find out more about some aspect of your native town or villages history? Then DRB family histories can help.


   I offer a range of family history research services and aim to accommodate a client’s wishes on an individual basis whilst offering very competitive rates. It may be you wish just one individual or your entire family’s ancestry researched, or, perhaps, that you already have a family tree provided by someone and wish to find out more about the lives of the people contained within it instead of merely the dates they were born, married or died. I consider all requsts, however big or small.


   Whatever your wishes I  differ from many other researchers on the market as I am both a family history writer as well as researcher, meaning that as well as conducting your research I can also write it up as a prose narrative with an emphasis on investigating contemporary newspapes as my specialism, surrounding your families past and the area of where they lived, rather than merely as a computer generated report.


  With DRB family histories you also have the opportunity to focus upon either an individual ancestor to glean an insight into their lives, or, indeed, a wide range of them from many lines using a wide variety of sources. How much research you wish undertaken is entirely up to you. I can undertake your research per hour or, if you prefer, as a negotiated all inclusive package dependent upon your requirements.  In addition, I will give you regular updates on how your research is proceeding.


  Alternatively, if you are interested aspects of the history of where your ancestors lived or your own village or town then I may be able to assist you and welcome any queries you may have.


   Take a few minutes to navigate my site and,If you are interested in in any of the services I offer, then please message me in my contacts page on this site with your queries or requirements. There is no obligation to commission any research.