If you are interested in any of the services I have to offer please contact me to find out more about the services I offer and details of what you would like to discover, however large or small.

   Please note that contacting me and making enquiries comes with no obligation to purchase any research time. With the exception of paying the cost of any documents which may need to be ordered which will be laid out to you in advance you will not be invoiced until your work is complete and you will be updated as to how your work is progressing on a regular basis. 

   If you do wish to proceed and wish to have any research undertaken the more information I am able to receive at this stage the easier the project will be to get underway. I appreciate from my years of research that the amount of information already known on any individual person or family which requires researching can vary enormously from case to case. However, the more information you are able to provide, then the easier it will be to commence the investigation. In the unlikely event the line or individual is for some reason untraceable I will inform you at the outset with no cost.

  Once the summary of the case requiring investigation has been given I will be able to give you a list of options, and an approximate time the research will take with the possibility to discuss further which route you wish to take.

  Enquiries will typically be conducted via email or, if you prefer, by telephone. I have in the past been asked by clients to pay them home visits but in most circumstances this is not economically viable due to the wide geographic area I cover and the cost and time taken to do so which in most cases would outweigh the cost of the actual research. 


Below are highlighted, under separate headings, a few of the options I offer with samples of how your final research could look depending which services, package or amount of time you wish DRB family histories to undertake for your family line or lines. I have used a case study of my own great great great grandfather Joseph Dunn for demonstration in this instance although it should always be remembered depending upon the sources available for the people (or area) being researched how much or little information is available which will always be advised before any research is undertaken.      


Rather than giving computer generated reports I can provide hand written sourced biographies of an individual, or individuals, which are provided as part of the service with larger family packages but can also be incorporated when you just require one individual researched. These biographies can vary, as required, from a few hundred to several thousand words. Below is the first page of a sample biography and gives a general idea of their format.


With family packages each of the 10 yearly censuses (which began in 1801 and are of use to family historians from 1841 onwards) where the family you wish researching are found are given with a transcription and brief notes, like the one below which is for one from 1851. Again, however, these can be provided with standard hourly research if you so wish. Please note that due to the 100 year rule census entries after 1911 are unavailable to the public.


Local newspapers are invaluable when wishing to piece together more information about a person’s life and, indeed, of the life in the community they lived. I specialise in searching newspapers of the nineteenth century and, perhaps contrary to popular opinion, it does not necessarily follow that if your ancestor was poor they will not appear in newspapers as they may be noted as being victims or perpetrators of crime, playing sport for their local village team or given rewards for long or meritous service or even mentioned as winning local competitions. Whilst there is no guarantee the person being researched will, in fact, turn up in some local newspaper, there is always a good chance they, or at least one of their relatives, will in one form or another.


Wills can also be ordered specific to your requirements where they exist, at cost price, with your research. Please note, however, that not everyone left a will and it has been estimated the figure is around 5-10% for individuals in the 19th century. They can give details of not only family members, the value of their estate but details of some of their family possessions and can prove very helpful in proving family relationships for those living before the introduction of civil registration and the census


Family trees, the traditional model of showing the product of research, can also be provided upon request and can be produced in either a descendant or ancestral view. You can also decide which template you wish to use from a variety of software options. For clients who wish a visual representation of their ancestors in chart form with their basic information included these are highly beneficial.