How your research is carried out is entirely up to you, dependent upon your requirements and budget. Research can either be carried out at a fixed rate of £13.50 per hour or as part of a negotiated all inclusive package tailored to meet your requirements.


  I will be able to advise in the initial consultation what you can expect to receive in a given amount of time dependent upon your requirements and an approximation of how long it will take. Research by the hour or as part of a package can comprise of (but not restricted to) any or all of the features available below:


  • Conducting basic research from census returns and civil registration certificates

  • Building an insight into your ancestors lives by investigating contemporary local newspapers

  • Consulting parish records, occupational records, military records, criminal records, land records, directories to name but a few sources to flesh out details of your ancestors lives

  • Writing detailed biographies of your ancestors

  • Providing transcripts of census entries and wills

  • Commissioners reports

  • Electoral rolls

  • Full family trees providing details of siblings for each generation


  You will then have the option on receipt of your work of choosing whether or not you would like me to proceed further on the same family or, perhaps, investigate another individual or line. As part of my customer service I will explain, free of charge, any details contained in your work of which you would like more information.


  Please note any documents which you require ordering such as wills, or civil registration (for example birth, marriage and death) certificates as part of an hourly research project will be charged in addition to the hourly rate at cost price. At the time of writing, for example, civil registration certificates cost £9.25 each and wills (if they were made)  from 1858 onwards are priced at £10 per will.


  Payment for packages will be made in the form of an initial deposit to cover my initial expenses with the remainder payable once the work is complete. Payment can be made either securely online via either paypal, with a credit or debit card, or offline by cheque or postal order.